Ep. 51: Incoming Ballistic Missile Alert


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Episode 51 of the NonProphets podcast in which Robert, Atief and Scott discuss:

00:30 Hawaii's Incoming Ballistic Missile Alert – How 38 minutes did not convince Robert to “Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”

14:20 Problems With a Bloody Nose Strategy in North Korea

15:55 Roman Hagelstein – Superforecaster, uberforecaster, and unassuming good guy

19:20 The Phil Tetlock-Nassim Taleb Twitter War – The debate about “skin in the game” and “tail risk”

34:25 PredictIt – State of the Union questions

38:10 Passion Over Rationality

41:00 Running for the Doors – Why are so many Congressmen retiring?

46:34 Where the Mueller Investigation Is Heading

As always, you may reach us at nonprophetspod.wordpress.com or nonprophetspod@gmail.com. (recorded 1/31/2018)

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