Librarynth Season 1, Episode 4: Atchoum!


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Welcome to Week 10 Term 1 at Nonsuch University. As well as the books, other worldly creatures, an increasingly existential stats machine and the staff trying to keep some sense of order, sniffles and sneezes have now started to inhabit Nonsuch University Librarynth. Atchoum! Zut alors, it looks like I've caught something now as well! This episode of (Atchoum!) Librarynth has been brought to you by James (Atchoum!) Atkinson, Gary Green, Ka-Ming Pang (Atchoum!), and Ludi Price. Writers: James Atkinson, Ka-Ming Pang, Ludi Price. Music: Gary Green Diane's musical interlude band - Arms of Ra with "Write my name and forget it." 01680 Griffin Groan - RobinHood76 on Pass the tissues, please! ATCHOUM!

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