Episode 380: The Truth About Wyatt Davis


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Arif and James are back to discuss the loss to the Broncos in preseason game #1, the overreactions, and the disappointing players on both side of the ball. We also go over PFF discrepancies, the new hitting low rule, and redirecting your child's anger toward the betterment of society. And the fantasy lottery is open! DM @NorsecodeDN or email norsecodepodcast@gmail.com to join the -25 pt fun! You can become a sustaining member of the show and access exclusive content at http://www.patreon.com/norsecode Arif - @Arifhasannfl James - @bigmono Please send any questions or feedback to norsecodepodcast@gmail.com or tweet to @norsecodeDN. If you like our show please donate to http://www.paypal.me/norsecode. We have merch! You can visit our shop at: https://norsecode.threadless.com/collections/norse-code/ Also a special thank you to DrawPlayDave for our new logo and merchandise design! You can follow him @drawplaydave and visit his main comic page here: http://www.thedrawplay.com/

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