7: Grimnismal Part 1 - Odin and Frigg Compete for Influence and Odin Reveals Wisdom in Exchange for a Drink of Mead from the Poetic Edda of Norse Mythology


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In this episode we begin Grimnismal, where Odin and Frigg compete for influence and Odin reveals wisdom in exchange for a drink of mead.

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The Poetic Edda is the primary original source for the myths and legends of Norse Mythology. The Poetic Edda includes everything from the creation of the world to its destruction in Ragnarok, from the adventures of Thor to the wisdom of Odin. We are exploring these timeless stories to learn how the Norse people understood the world, and how we can apply their worldview to life today.

Show Outline:

0:00:00 - Introduction to Grimnismal0:03:08 - Prose Intro Part 1: Agnar and Geirroth fostered by an old man and woman0:08:16 - Prose Intro Part 2: Geirroth becomes king and betrays Agnar0:11:24 - Prose Intro Part 3: Introduction to Hlidskjalf, the relationship between Odin and Frigg0:19:30 - Prose Intro Part 4: Frigg baits Odin by accusing Geirroth of being inhospitable0:23:46 - Prose Intro Part 5: Odin goes to Geirroth's hall and is imprisoned0:29:18 - Prose Intro Part 6 - Stanza 3: Geirroth's son Agnar gives Odin a horn of mead0:43:53 - Stanza 4: Thrudheim, the hall of Thor0:49:48 - Stanza 5: Yladir, hall of Ullr, and Alfheim, hall of Freyr0:59:15 - Stanza 6: Valaskjalf, the hall of Odin1:04:27 - Stanza 7: Saga and Sokkvabekk, Odin's drinking companion and her hall1:10:25 - Stanza 8-10: Introduction to Valhalla1:19:02 - Stanza 11: Thrymheim, hall of the giant Thjassi and his daughter Skadi1:24:29 - Stanza 12: Breithablik, hall of Baldr1:26:22 - Stanza 13: Himinbjorg, hall of Heimdall1:33:40 - Stanza 14: Folkfang, Freya's field of the fallen1:38:04 - Stanza 15: Glitnir, hall of Forseti1:52:48 - Stanza 16: Noatun, hall of Njord1:59:44 - Stanza 17: Vithar the wide ruler2:04:51 - Stanza 18: The unlimited food in Valhalla2:09:03 - Stanza 19: Geri and Freki, the wolves of Odin2:15:27 - Stanza 20: Huginn and Muninn, the ravens of Odin2:25:33 - Stanza 21: The Midgard Serpent in Fenrir's Sea2:33:58 - Conclusion and acknowledgments

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