Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Reviews, Worst Superhero Movie Scenes, The Irishman, Black Widow , X-Men Theories


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:30 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood reviews *SPOILERS*

29:26 Future Tarantino projects including Kill Bill 3 and Jake Cahill spin-off

34:27 Sony assets

36:32 Irishman trailer, mob movies, de-aging old actors, & favorite directors

43:36 Lighthouse trailer

48:35 Zombieland trailer

51:59 Walking out of movies

56:59 Worst comic book movie scenes

1:05:21 Avatar movies

1:06:32 Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers

1:07:41 MCU update: Black Widow, Winter Soldier not being the next Cap, X-Men Cestestial theory

1:11:31 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 1-100 rating

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