Star Wars D23 Pod: Rise of Skywalker Discussion, The Mandalorian Trailer, Palpatine is Playing 4D Chess


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2:42 Star Destroyer theories & Palpatine's contingency plan if he died

7:18 Ross' Jakku clone lab theory, if Rey an Anakin or Luke clone

10:56 Darth Jar Jar Binks

13:22 Never forget Darth Maul got beat by a Padawan, Obi-Wan using the dark side? Or fake news? Lightsaber forms

22:00 Palpatine returning theories

27:44 Knights of Ren *SPOILERS*

30:40 Training Jedi when they're grown

32:29 Hints of Rey's fall and Dark Rey theories

35:20 Dark Rey's lightsaber is kinda wack, Kylo Ren is soft AF for being 30 years old

38:09 Creation of the Resistance

40:17 Rise of Skywalker time travel theory, Force ghost battle

42:30 Anakin in TROS?

43:54 Disney+ details

45:57 C3PO theories

48:00 The Mandalorian trailer: IG-11, Boba Fett not in the show, when it takes place

1:01 Top paid actors

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