Dr. Margaret Christensen, MD on the Mold Candida Link


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Better Belly Enrollment closes July 13th. Register for the masterclass at http://betterbellycourse.com and enroll before it closes.Register for the Toxic Mold Summit at http://evanbrand.com/mold to get a few free talks and resources.If you need clinical help, please book a free call with my staff at http://evanbrand.com/free and let us know whats going on.Dr. Margaret's story is similar to mine. She was running a very busy practice and got so sick from toxic mold.I've seen hundreds of clients suffer with toxic mold and candida.You have to fix the mold to beat the candida. We talked about this in my Candida Summit.Today's podcast is a continuation of that conversation.We discuss:-The toxic mold candida link-How the sympathetic nervous system and limbic system can worsen your symptoms-How Dr. Christensen uses a ''secret tool'' in her clinic to help her clients reset their nervous systems-Head trauma, PTSD, chronic stress, ACEs, and biotoxin exposure-Neuroinflammation and the vagus nerve

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