Episode 9: Interview with Josée Sovinsky


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Josée Sovinsky is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist based in Toronto, Canada who specializes in eating disorders, intuitive eating and community nutrition. She holds an Honours Bachelor in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Ottawa. She has experience working in community health, health promotion and clinical nutrition with a variety of populations including seniors, people with disabilities, newcomers, children and youth. She is passionate about social justice and includes a feminist lens in all of the work she does.

Josée is a non-diet, weight inclusive, feminist, and Health At Every Size® dietitian. She believes people of all sizes, genders, ages, races, levels of disability, and class deserve nourishment, wellbeing and happiness. She uses motivational interviewing to guide her clients in adopting intuitive eating and mindful eating skills. She allows people to take up space and share their stories with vulnerability and authenticity. She strives to be an ally in people's journey by creating an environment where they feel empowered instead of telling them "what to eat and do". She feels eating isn't meant to be filled with guilt, shame or regret, and strives to support you in freeing yourself from the dieting or disordered eating trap.

Links: https://www.joseesovinskynutrition.com/blog/food-guide-eating-disorders

Josée on twitter: @joseesovinskyRD

Josée on Instagram: joseesovinskyRD

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