197: A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Eater & Wellness Lover, Round 2


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Welcome to round 2 of a day in the life of….me! You loved the first episode I did on “A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Eater & Wellness Lover” (click here to listen) I thought it would be fun to do another episode of a day in the life.

The purpose of this episode is to help you get to know me a bit better, see the behind the scenes of not only intuitive eating and wellness without obsession, but also to see the behind the scenes of my life as a business owner, CEO and momma.

I hope you get inspiration and an idea of what intuitive eating looks like an actual everyday application. Of course there were things I forgot to mention that I did, like my daily supplement routine, my kombucha obsession and how I usually have an evening snack, but overall I think this episode did a great job of showcasing what a typical day looks like for me! I hope you enjoy the episode.

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