201: 1,200 Calories a Day is Bullsh*t


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Trigger warning- this episode will share specific calorie numbers, if this is triggering for you please follow your gut and not listen to this episode.

This podcast episode was inspired by the response I saw to the “1200 calories a day is the amount a 2 year old needs daily” post I shared recently on Instagram, and even Jillian Micheals recent “take on intuitive eating”.

Plus, it’s the day after labor day and I have a feeling someone listening is thinking it’s time to get back on the “wagon” and start your new diet today, and I’m hoping I can talk you out of it.

I’m so tired of the calories game. From eliminating carbs, to intermittent fasting to straight up calorie counting and Noom...let’s be real these are all just ways to decrease our caloric intake. I think it’s so interesting that the amount a 2 year old needs daily we think and believe is enough to sustain a grown ass adult.

So many of the comments were making statements like “we aren’t growing anymore” and “I’m sedentary” and “if I eat more than this I’ll gain weight”.

There is truth that you may gain weight eating more, but it’s not because you need only that amount to survive, it’s because you’ve taught your body to live in survival mode, slowing down your metabolism in order to navigate the semi-starvation state it is in.

Listen to today’s episode to learn why the recommendations for caloric deficit ranges of 1,200-1,600 calories a day is bullshit, why you deserve better nutrition advice and how much calories is enough for you to come daily.

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