202: Black Lives Matter is a Body Positive Movement with Natasha Ngindi


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You are going to love today’s podcast conversation. Today I have Natasha Ngindi, aka the Thick Nutritionist on Instagram, on the show to discuss her journey, what is anti-diet, the racist roots of diet culture, why black lives matter is a body positive movement and so much more.

Natasha is the founder of the Thick Nutritionist brand, a Canadian anti-diet nutritionist and entrepreneur. She is also a certified Zumba instructor who promotes enjoyable movement for ALL bodies in a non-judgemental, body-positive environment.

Her lived experiences and higher education in Nutrition Sciences inspired her to start her own brand. Natasha is passionate about spreading the truth about diet culture, body-acceptance, health at every size and intuitive eating. Natasha believes that we all deserve to live a fulfilling life, free of the pressures of diet culture.

In the episode we discuss:

  • Natasha’s personal journey to realizing what diet culture is, deciding to ditch the diets and instead make peace with your body and food choices
  • What inspired her to create the Thick Nutritionist
  • What does being anti-diet mean
  • The racist roots of diet culture
  • Why the black lives matter movement is also a body positive movement
  • Natasha’s journey to becoming a Zumba instructor and discovering joyful movement
  • How to ensure you find a way to exercise in a safe, nonjudgemental way
  • Natasha shares more about her amazing products from her website and the inspiration behind them
  • How Natasha practices wellness without obsession
  • Learn more about Natasha on her website and Instagram

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