207: I'm Angry & Here's Why: These "Lifestyles" Are Creating Orthorexia


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This episode is quite different from my usual episodes! What started off as a quest to understand insight into the diet recommendations of the health and wellness world, and an episode that was going to explain why “lifestyles” are definitely diets in disguise, turned into an episode of me sharing my honest, real thoughts on why I’m so angry and upset at the messages of “lifestyles” to follow.

While the internet and social media have added such value into our lives, it also means anyone can sell their messages to you. From influencers, to health coaches, dietitians and doctors...it seems these days everyone has their own “plan” for you to follow for you to feel your best, i.e. lose weight.

It’s frustrating, because this is the very reason orthorexia has skyrocketed over the past ten years. I share in this episode how perfectionists can go from “lifestyle” plan to orthorexia, and how it’s not your fault and you are not to blame.

I share the common thread each of these “lifestyles” have in common, so you can be aware of the messages as you intake them. Overall, I want you to leave off this episode better understanding that these lifestyles have co-opted intuitive eating language and are definitely diets, and how this can lead turn into disordered eating, eating disorders and orthroexia.

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