NSP ep 110 Judge Lies About Motion, I’m shocked


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Mac from BC, Canada reports to us how a judge lied about the motion. I know, scandalous for sure. He denied the motion on grounds there was “nothing legal” in the motion. This is called a dodge, you avoid the actual issue (prosecutor’s lack of evidence) by falsely claiming there is “nothing legal” in the motion. The facts are gonna differ from the judge though.

This is one legal argument from the motion:

The complaint filed against the alleged defendant fails to allege essential elements of a cause of action i.e., the violation of a legal right:

The violation of any legal right, committed knowingly, constitutes, prima facie, a “cause of action.”” Sleuter v. Scott, [1914], 6 W.W.R. 451.

This is required whether the complaint is civil or criminal in nature:

The word “action” according to the legal term, is a proceeding by which one party seeks in a court of justice to enforce some right against, or to restrain the commission of some wrong by, another party. It includes both civil and criminal proceedings.” Dorosh v. Bentwood Chair & Table Co., [1939] 2 W.W.R. 150; 47 Man.R. 133 (C.A.).

Judges are just lawyers, the black robe doesn’t magically transform them into honest, logical and fair people, they lie all the time especially to help fellow lawyers acting on behalf of the “crown”. Honest people can see this is a legal argument supported by two court decisions. But, and I know this is tough for some people to accept, but this judge, as well as many others, lie and lie all the time.

This is why I always say to assume everything these criminals say is a lie. Just object and call them on it: Objection, pointing out the complaint is required to set forth a cause of action is not considered a legal argument anymore? Have you informed the Supreme Court of this development?

An honorable lawyer actually lying? Shocked, I’m SHOCKED.

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