Coronavirus Thoughts — What a Year this Week has Been


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Hi Friends! I'm coming to you again this week as a human (read: not an expert) with some thoughts about the coronavirus pandemic. Many of you reached out last week letting me know last week's check-in was helpful so I decided to record another episode.

In this episode, I talk about how #nuancematters in our current situation. I talk about some of the things I'm noticing as I've had more time adapting to this new normal. I share what's been working for me and answer I common question I've been getting from family and followers about carbs, cravings in quarantine. I explore how there's no right or wrong here, and how we can continue to nourish ourselves in a very challenging time.

At the end of the episode, I invite all of you to send in a short essay or mp3 clip of you explaining what the gift of time or boredom has been teaching you so far. Send the email to:

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