Changing The Narrative On Climate Change With Anne Therese Gennari


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The impacts of climate change on different areas of society are interrelated, that is why people think the worst about the future. But we don’t have to simply accept and surrender to the possibility of a dying planet. We can actually change the narrative so we can start working together to co-create a better world! Join Corinna Bellizzi as she talks to entrepreneur, speaker, educator, author, environmental activist, and climate optimist, Anne Therese Gennari.

Anne Therese is the author of The Climate Optimist Handbook, a book that helps the narrative on climate change. The future is up to us, but change needs to start right now. We have so much to win if we only find the courage to act.

Key takeaways from this episode:

- The number of healthy products on the market right now.

- Why embracing your humanness is important, especially at this time.

- More info about Anne’s book, The Climate Optimist Handbook, and how it shifts the narrative on climate change.

- How you can affect climate change in your own little way.

- How you can be optimistic about your future.

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