Episode 307: Everett's Nerd Haven, NASA's Big Week


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This magazine episode starts off with Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley discussing of some nerdy news, including NASA landing InSight on Mars with the help of some PNW rockets, Emerald City Comic Con’s effort to get that scalping money, and the world’s first gene-edited babies (reportedly). Then, Dyer takes us to the nerdiest bar in Everett, Washington, a haven for nerds and geeks of all types. Finally, NASA specialist Steven C. Smith talks to Dyer about NASA’s Mars plans and more. 1:20 -- News: Mars landing’s northwest ties 9:10 -- News: ECCC’s ticket app 13:40 -- News: Gene-edited babies 25:35 -- News: Dark Luke Skywalker 33:15 -- Feature: The AFK Tavern 51:20 -- Interview: NASA specialist Steven C. Smith

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