011 - Ray is Obsessed with Joe Versus the Volcano


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In the eleventh ever episode of "Obsessed Right Now”, Heather talks with writer Ray Utarnachitt about a mystery from his childhood and how the movie “Joe Versus the Volcano” has changed his life. New episodes every Wednesday. What are you obsessed with right now? Tell Heather and she might suggest it on the show: obsessedrnpodcast@gmail.com Rate and Subscribe on iTunes //GUEST// Follow Ray on Twitter: @rayutar Follow Ray on Instagram: @rayutar // SOCIALS // Follow ORN on Twitter & Instagram: @obsessedRNpod Follow Heather on socials: @NerdHeather // MUSIC // Analise Nelson & Dax Schaffer, aka The Saxel Naiad You can download the theme song on their Bandcamp page! // ART // Courtney Russell // THANKS // Allie Hock from “Everything’s Totally Fine" Libby Spears & Bluprint Films Ray Utarnachitt // MENTIONED ON THIS EPISODE // - "The Unlikely Philosophy of Joe Versus the Volcano” article by Leah Schnelbach that Ray mentions - Vincent Canby’s review of Joe Versus the Volcano

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