Selling from Scratch: Foundations and Fundamentals for Building Your Sales Team


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This week's episode is entitled "Selling from Scratch: Foundations and Fundamentals for Building Your Sales Team". Our guest is Jim Wilson, Operating Manager at Costanoavc Ventures.
We talk about the impact of the COVID19 outbreak on sales, but we also get down to some good, timeless sales team building wisdom and give you some great takeaways you can use both right now and going forward.
I love the advance of social selling tactics. I love the advance of challenger sale and the teach and tailor type mentalities. But I think in our effort to create more value as trusted advisers, a skill that isn't being taught as much today is how to ask for the deal, how to ask for the sale, and how to close.
I ask Jim to double down on these and provide examples and ideas. You'll love his Four Cs of Closing. Listen in to hear his answers about how companies put more of a focus on these in the organization. He answers if this a training issue and shares the best ways for companies to get better at closing. This and MORE. Listen in now and read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 3/23 at 6am PST.

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