Stuart Morton: hit by lightning while anchored in Panama


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In this episode my guest host Andy Lamont talks with Stuart Morton about his sailing adventures on his Panama stopover. After leaving England 11 years ago on his 39 foot sailing yacht Matador, Stuart and his wife Steph have cruised the Mediterranean, Lebanon, the Black Sea, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Gibraltar, USA, Cuba, Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Then while sitting in his cockpit anchored in Shelter Bay in Panama a storm came through punching out 30-40 knot squalls. A loud crack followed by a puff of black smoke cloud off top of mast and the smell of frying semi-conductors and circuits downstairs led to Stuarts initial fear that his yacht was on fire. Stuart accounts what happened next after realising Matador had been struck by lightning.

This episode is packed with the highs and lows of cruising internationally and the many sailing challenges faced along the way.

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