Running For Our Lives - Episode Four


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Part Four Ever wondered what drives someone to push their body to its limit? The final part in this series goes the full distance with two extreme runners as they take on challenges that few others would even contemplate. From the wilds of Connemara, to the deserts of North Africa, this programme comes with a health warning - if any listeners might get bitten by the extreme running bug, we cannot be responsible! Running for our Lives is a 4 four documentary that opens up the world of running in the North West for newcomers and serious athletes alike. Tune in for discussion and tips from experienced runners, health and medical professionals and the view of the casual "everyman". With over one million people running in Ireland this series offers something for everyone. All Podcasts can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud or wherever you find your podcasts. Just search OceanFmIreland. For previous episodes see

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