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Sign Up To Receive Our FFA Stories Newsletter! Email address: SHOW NOTES KEY IDEAS: Last July my daughter's lamb did not make weight for the county fair. This was the second time in four years of showing sheep that this had happened, and it was frustrating. We had purposefully bought a larger lamb to make sure we would make weight. And, about two months prior to the fair he was just eight pounds away. And then, he just stopped eating. About one month after the fair was over the sting of not making weight for a second time was still there. Around that time, I did an interview for the D&B Supply Show Podcast. I spoke with Colby Gines, the Chief Operating Officer for Pro-Earth Animal Health, about one of their products called Zesterra. During this interview Colby talked about stress in animals, the build up of acid and the release of the hormone, cortisol. As he was talking I kept thinking about Hattie's lamb going off feed, and I asked him about this. He suggested using their product, CattlActive, with the lambs to keep this from happening. I put a note in my calendar right then to try this, this year and to do an episode about it. Today's episode is devoted to giving a possible solution to those of you showing animals and those of you whose kids will be showing animals, and who are frustrated like I was with your animal going off feed. I am hoping that the products that Pro-Earth Animal Health offer might be the solution that fixes your frustration. DISCLAIMER: The Off-Farm Income Podcast is in no way affiliated with Pro-Earth Animal Health or any of their products. We have not been paid to conduct this interview, and Pro-Earth Animal Health is not a sponsor of the show. Also, Pro-Earth Animal Health is not providing me with free product in exchange for appearing on this show. Also, I reached out to Colby for this interview. They did not ask me if they could come on Off-Farm Income. I have not used any of their products yet, but I am going to this fair season. I thought about waiting until I had tried their products out to do this episode. However, I decided to share this information with you now rather than waiting for another year. So,I have not proven the concept yet. I am telling you all of this because I want you to have a clear idea of what I am doing on this episode. I am trying to provide you with some information that may help you. However, I cannot stand behind the product yet, because we will be using it for the first time this year. I hope this helps you, and I hope that it helps us! CONTACT INFORMATION AND LINKS: Website: LINK Where Off-Farm Income And Matt Brechwald Can Be Heard: Member Of The National Association Of Farm Broadcasters

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