Pollution Talks: A Conversation with Indian Member of Parliament Gaurav Gogoi


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Air pollution is the single greatest threat to human health globally, having a more devastating impact on life expectancy than communicable diseases like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, behavioral killers like cigarette smoking, and even war. According to recent data from EPIC’s Air Quality Life Index, or AQLI, people living in the most polluted regions of the world could see their lives cut short by 5 years or more. To dive deeper into the problem of air pollution and what policymakers are doing to confront it, EPIC will occasionally feature conversations with the AQLI’s director, Ken Lee, and various government officials, advocates, health experts and others dedicated to reducing air pollution in the countries where they live. For our first conversation in this series, Lee talks with Gaurav Gogoi, an Indian member of Parliament who has been a vocal advocate for clean air.

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