16: Jess and Cody and the Nonexistent Break


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Hello and welcome! We're off track again from Chateau de Bus via your mobile device! Brought to you by Hinch and Rossi's podcasting lead, Castbox (0:00 - 2:10). The Breaks: Alex rests while Hinch rides his chopper to world domination (2:11 - 9:30). Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson were contestants on Big Brother and the 30th season of The Amazing Race, and now run a YouTube channel called Living Jody. They discuss their time on both shows, including The Amazing Race with Rossi, Cody's time in the Air Force and the Marines, all of their auditions for reality TV, and their YouTube engagement (9:31 - 34:00). Lightning Round: What's the last movie you've seen, and how fast have you ever driven? (34:01 - 40:55). Battle Royale: Who would win in a match of characters from That 70s Show (40:56 - 45:30). Tune in next week! Credits and Outro (45:30 - 47:16).


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