24. The Pocono Live Show


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All of our thoughts and prayers are with Robert Wickens as he recovers (0:00 - 1:30). Brought to you by the dogged CastBox, the guys record a live show at the Pocono Speedway, the night before the race, in what -thanks to PA State Representative Doyle Heffley- is legally "Hinchtown" (01:31 - 5:54). Paul Tracy talks with us about interviewing people on the grid, his Instagram, Captain Quebec, and why he thinks the series needs more rivalries and villains (05:55 - 19:38). Paul talks about his coming up in racing, his days in CART, and his hostile letter from Ashely Judd, plus his motorcycle business and how fast he's ever driven off track (19:39 - 32:29). Battle Royale: Sports commentators, Rossi somehow makes a solid choice terrible, and the live audience chooses the winner (32:30 - 38:08). Outro and Credits (38:09 - 40:09).


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