The Man, The Myth, The Nose: Tony Kanaan


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Alex has the flu, but Thim is more than happy to fill in for him, even if James isn't happy about it all (00:01 - 04:44). Living legend, and father of a veritable litter of children, Tony Kanaan made his way to Hinchtown to sit down and chat (04:45 - 05:27). Tony tells James about his experiences doing Ironman races, and just how long he's been in IndyCar; hint, it's a weird feeling to race against former teammates' kids (05:28 - 08:08). TK talks about adjusting to moving from Miami to Indy full time (08:09 - 10:57). James and Tony talk about how TK got into racing in the first place {which is amazing, considering Tony was already a teenager before the automobile was even invented}, and how his father's passing played a huge role in his career (10:58 - 14:00). Tony credits Hinch with curing him of his superstitions (14:01 - 17:36). James asks Tony how he is off the track, in his life as a father, and if he has any plans for more kids {hint: Tony's nipping... er snipping it in the bud} (17:37 - 20:57). Tony talks about his plans, or lack thereof, for retirement, and how he'd like to do it; plus, if he will update the tattoo if he wins the 500 again (20:58 - 27:17). Tony talks about competing in Ironmen racing a bit more (27:18 - 28:46). Tony Kanaan is known through the paddock for being a prank master, so James gets him to open up about his favorites, including an epic one on Dan Wheldon in Japan... it gets a little... interesting (28:47 - 35:47). Tony opens up about how he'll approach things if one of his 48 kids goes into racing, plus what it's like when your kids beat you in a competition (35:48 - 39:16). Tony, how fast have you ever driven off a race track? No matter what, everyone's sure it's slower than literally any Andretti on literally any road... especially Mario (39:17 - 44:20) Outro and Credits (44:21 - 45:30)


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