Tricking, Bailey Payne, and How to Uber


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The guys are back to bring you an interview with Red Bull Tricker, Bailey Payne! Hinch couldn't stick around for the interview, but he's there for the segments, and Conor Daly subs in (00:01 - 02:33). Uber: driver etiquette, rider etiquette, Thim's weird thing about sitting in the front, and Alex's aversion to talking with anyone, ever! Catch it all on this Grinds My Gears! (02:34 - 10:03). Bailey Payne joins Alex, Thim, and Conor to walk them through what "Tricking" is, how he got linked up with Red Bull, and how far a human can fall from {don't try this at home!} (10:04 - 33:06). Outro and Credits (33:07 - 34:29)


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