Trinity: Part 3

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What would you think if you saw an adult in a diaper, sitting in a highchair, waiting for a bottle in the restaurant where you were about to enjoy an nice dinner? There is nothing physically or mentally wrong with the person, but yet they are impatiently waiting for their next feeding in a most awkward fashion. I think we would all have to pause a second and wonder what is wrong with this picture. The reality is, many followers of Jesus, who have known him for a long time, are much like this immature adult. They age physically, but yet, have not aged spiritually. The Writer of Hebrews reveals that many followers of Christ have yet to move from spiritual milk, to solid foods (Heb 5:12). He reveals that God has so much more in store for them to know, learn, understand, and apply, but yet they cannot receive it because they have not grown in their faith. It is easy to get to a place where we feel we have everything under control, we have heard all the stories, and we could probably quote our pastor’s illustrations by heart. However, in this state of stale faith, we close ourselves off to the deep things of God because we feel as if there is nothing left to learn. The truth is, that no matter how much we have learned in our faith journey, we are only scratching the surface of who God is! Join us in this series as we attempt to leave spiritual milk behind, and eat the meat. To grow in our faith, and in our knowledge of God as we pursue the deep and wondrous things he is ready to reveal.

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