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Some of you may not know this, but Jamie homeschools! (and no! Jamie doesn’t think everyone should homeschool and she’s not trying to convince you that you should!) Her son Pascal has been learning at home since he was still fairly young, and both he and Jamie have found to be this alternative mode of education not only better suited for him but engaging in a way that mainstream schooling isn’t always. She also knows that several inaccurate, outdated and even harmful perceptions of homeschooling have sprung up over the years and feels they really should be addressed before people pass judgment.

In this episode, Jamie explains what led her to teach Pascal at home, relates some of the fascinating things he’s learned and how she’s aided his education, and addresses some commonly held criticisms and concerns about teaching your kids at home.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Jamie explains why she thinks conventional teaching in a traditional school environment is still important.
  • Why Jamie doesn’t think homeschooling is for everyone.
  • The incidents that persuaded Jamie to remove Pascal from the conventional school system.
  • Jamie breaks down the different types of homeschooling available and how she decided on her preferred method.
  • How the widespread compulsory schooling we’re used to is actually very new in the grand scheme of history.
  • The ways Jamie was able to foster Pascal’s interest in paleontology and anatomy.
  • The “grunt work” Jamie aims to avoid when educating Pascal and introducing him to new concepts.
  • How you can go about homeschooling on your own and some important personal and impersonal resources you can rely on.
  • Why some of the laws governing homeschooling may be threatened as we speak.


“We’re ALL homeschooling! It’s just some people are homeschooling part-time and some people are homeschooling full-time.”

“Homeschooling really is a lifestyle choice.”

“I don’t think of myself as a teacher; I think of myself as a facilitator.”

“Do you want your child to learn or do you want them to complete the book?”

“My choice in educating my child is a constitutional right.”


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