Ep 10: An excerpt from the story The Nunnery written by Cindi Sinclair and BD Hampton, narrated by Ruan Willow


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Ep 10: This episode is a reading of an excerpt from the story The Nunnery written by Cindi Sinclair and BD Hampton and narrated by Ruan Willow. This podcast is for adults only, 18+. In this podcast episode, Ruan hosts erotica authors Cindi Sinclair and BD Hampton as her guest authors. This guest erotica fiction piece is part 1 and part 2 will be on the next podcast after this one, season 1, episode 11. This is a sexy tale, taboo and hardcore elements run through this scorching sexually jarring saga. It starts out like a joke ... a priest, a nun, and a guy all walk-in .... and stuff happens. You will have to listen to find out what the characters get themselves into and out of, what they love, what their ideas are about love and romance, how they practice their intimacy, what they hate, and how they find joy together. The themes of this story are taboo and it contains some BDSM.
Thanks for listening to my podcast. I hope you enjoy this fictional reading of erotica. All characters are fictional and any relation to anyone is purely coincidental. This podcast is for entertainment and arts purposes only.
This reading is about sexuality.
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Hey, y'all!
Just a heads up, BD Hampton will be doing an author with me soon. Keep your ears peeled for that saucy interview, we have some fun!
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