Ep 15: Inside Ruan Willow Chapter 1. Two erotica authors meet at a conference and join in a 3some with a fan


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Ep 15: Inside Ruan Willow Chapter 1. Listen to Ruan get you inside of Inside of Ruan Willow as she reads chapter one. Two erotica authors meet and join in a 3some with a fan. Ruan and BD Hampton are at a writer's conference and sparks fly when the two hook up with a super sexy superfan named Sasha, who has big boobs and a luscious bottom to go along. Sasha's there to hook up with Ruan, as both are bisexual. The three hop in the elevator, where things heat up immediately, as they are headed for Sasha's room... where all kinds of sexual shenanigans happen. Inside and out, Ruan Willow gets her moans handed to her, she gets it and gives it, and, seriously, the three of them will never ever be the same.
This podcast is a fictional reading from the book Inside Ruan Willow by BD Hampton and Ruan Wilow and is a work of fiction for adults only, purely for entertainment purposes.
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