Ep 4: Excerpt reading by Ruan from the erotic short story Harley's Peeping Punishment


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Hello, Sexy Friends!
Welcome to my fourth episode. I'm so excited and doing a mini celebration because you all have downloaded my new podcast so that I've had over 100 downloads already and I've only been live for a week!! I'm so excited and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support:)
In this podcast episode, I'm doing a reading of an excerpt from my erotic short story in the femdom anthology "He Will Obey", edited by Jay Willowbay. This awesome collection of 21 stories celebrates females in control. Things get hot with female domination when the Dommes control their subs in relationships and in sexual encounters. So many genres of femdom in this anthology to tickle your fantasy life, to try out new situations and themes, to delve into the heat of her in control.

My short story is titled "Harley's Peeping Punishment" and Kiara, the MILF of the story, catches Harley and goes all BDSM on him, much to his surprise and delight. You can read the full story in the "He Will Obey" anthology, which is sold in digital form and paperback on Amazon. Here is my affiliate link if you'd like to purchase the book or just want more information about the book. This is an affiliate link so I get a small kickback for advertising it if you purchase.
Link to the anthology book He Will Obey: https://amzn.to/3oPGxkS
This book is delicious because you get 21 flavors of Domme's versions of control as they direct, use, enjoy their male subs. That's 21 hot erotic brains on display for your pleasuring, spinning their hot sexy tales to titillate and enthrall you to the max heights of desire.
I hope enjoy my reading of this excerpt. You can learn more about my fellow anthology authors in my author links below interviews:
I hope you have a very very very sexy day!
Love, Ruan

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