How to Fund a Creative Project without Going Broke (Risk + Money)


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Big announcement! Oh My Dollar’s cat-filled purrsonal finance book, A Cat's Guide to Money, is going into the second printing, and we need your help to make that possible. But don’t worry, this episode isn’t just going to be about the book - it’s also about why I chose to go the crowdfunding route again, and what that has to do with risk and money.

We talk about these things:

The definition of risk and how our risk tolerance variesThe Myth of effortless success: "We believe people shouldn’t see the effort you put into success"The definition of entrepreneurial risk (and how the founders of airbnb funded their business off a flip book of credit cards and cereal with Obama's face)Believing if we ask for help, it discounts the workWholesaler financing and "factoring" and how that worksIf you should take investors as a small businessWhy I chose to go back to Kickstarter again

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You can find out more about it the campaign at And if it doesn’t make sense for you, that is 100% fine. But if you're able to share it on social media, that goes a LONG way towards helping us out. Shares mean a lot in these campaigns!

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