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The call-in episode of The Entourage Podcast is here! You asked and host JR is here to answer. On this week's episode the following topics are discussed: Do you think it was right for Vince to fire Amanda? Do you think she could have done stuff for Vince that Ari couldn’t? Favorite episode to review so far? What if the boys had listened to Ari’s every suggestion? What is the greatest Johnny Drama cameo? In the Entourage universe, who would you like to make your life partner, shag, or banish to a desert island? Do you know about the other Entourage podcast? Saigon fun fact Were there any other actors who almost got the roles of the Entourage? Which character’s story would you like told through attending therapy sessions like Tony Soprano? First quote that comes to mind when you think of Entourage? What’s your favorite all time Entourage moment? Whose life (besides Vince) would you like to have at the show’s conclusion? -- Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah is brought to you by Highly Clutch T Shirts Basic Collection. Their Basic Collection tees are butter soft with a bespoke fit that you’ll love putting on again and again. Shop the collection today: www.highlyclutch.com/collections/basics

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