Dr. Jim Fetzer on Sandy Hook, Michael Herring on Mars


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Hear how Dr. Douglas A. O'Handley Emeritus Director for the NASA Ames Center admitted that there is water and life on Mars. He is also indicated that there were spacecraft seen in the atmosphere of Mars that were not "ours". Michael Herring explains that as Mars approaches the earth it inverts (pole shift) and the south pole becomes the north pole. This "new" North Pole of Mars melts and there is water on the surface of Mars that leads to algea or some other kind of plant life on Mars during periodic intervals. Dr. Jim Fetzer describes how he is being sued because of research on Sandy Hook. He explains how he is confident that he will win this law suit. Also some of the following issues regarding Sandy Hook are discussed. What was the motive for Adam Lanza for allegedly shooting these children? Why did Adam Lanza pass three or four other schools before choosing Sandy Hook? If Sandy Hook was abandoned in 2008 how could a School shooting have taken place there in 2012? Why were the names, age and sex of the people allegedly killed never printed in a newspaper? On the day of the shooing why did no one contact Life Star Helicopter?

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