Billy Meier Overview and Frosty Wooldrige on Overpopulation


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The Hyberboreans had a base here within Mount Shasta that was actually a small city. A group of extra terrestrail humans called the Hasters had a base in the North Atlantic for a while. There are 7.5 million human civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy. There were 79 pure human races created by Creation; however, now there are incredible numbers of different human races the exact number of races would be expressed by a number with 63 zeroes. The life spans of human beings, on other worlds, can extend to thousands of years and even much longer. The diversity of human beings in terms of their size is also incredible. There are people that are only 16 inches tall and on other worlds there are people that reach 40ft. tall. The Plejarens would not reveal the reason for leaving the earth; however, it had something to do with an event that would take place in our near future.

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