Creational Laws, Stigmatization, Talmud of Jmmanuel


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Stigmatization -- The Wounds of Christ The stigmatization phenomenon, during which the wounds of Christ materialize as bleeding wounds on the back and palms of the persons' hands, as well as their loins, insteps, possibly also on their forehead, the head (from the crown of thorns) or on their backs (traces from flagellations), is a form of religious-sectarian manifestations of self-flagellation based on a psychogenic effect. This signifies that human beings who suffer from a stigma are ensnared in their religious-sectarian belief structure to the extent that the psyche rebels in a form whereby the bleeding wounds actually appear on the body and elsewhere. This occurs in the identical manner in which the religious-sectarian believer envisions the "wounds of Christ" to be, according to the examples presented in countless paintings of saints, along with various representations in Christian churches and so forth. The truthfulness of this statement is demonstrated by the fact that all stigmatized people display these wounds on their hands or the palms of their hands, respectively, just as they were depicted and presented on paintings and statements by the Church. Albeit they are fundamentally wrong. The fact is, it was extremely uncommon in those days for crucified individuals to be nailed to a cross with 8" to 10" long, handcrafted nails. Such cases were rare indeed because the doomed victims were usually tied to the cross. "Nailed" individuals, as they were called in those days, were nailed to the cross by their wrists.

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