Giza Intelligences, Hitler and the Might of Thoughts


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Giza Intelligences, Hitler and the Might of Thoughts Arrussem wanted to take the power that his father had; however, his younger brothers Ptaah and Salam stopped him. Arussem had 72,000 followers; however, his younger brothers gathered people that would oppose Arrussem. The forces of Ptaah and Salam forced Arussem off of the earth. However, Arussem secretly returned with his followers to the old cubical constructions far below the Giza platue. This area had not been inhabited for 70,000 years. ARUSSEM ruled until about 3,010 B.C.E.HENN, who was called Jehovah, took over ARUSSEM’s rule.In 2,080, B.C. HENN (Jehovah) was forced out by his nephew KAMAGOL the First.

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