The More Press About Misery and Destruction of Life the More Imitators Appear


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But first the earthlings will continue to drive us crazy. If I think only of television, radio and the press, which literally cultivate all evils by glorifying violence through films and books as well as theatre and so on. Also news and other sensational reports belong to it. The more TV, radio and press about atrocities like murder and manslaughter, mass murders, torture, sectarian excesses, wars and revolutions, rape, drug addiction, alcoholism, medication addiction, capital crimes, racial and xenophobic hatred, extremism, neo-nazism, Ku-Klux-Klan, death penalty etc., the more the media and the media are informed about the violence. The more imitators appear, the more they take an example from the reports and events and begin to act equally. TV, radio and newspaper reports, etc. about such degenerate events and acts have the same effect as when petrol or explosives are poured or thrown into the fire: The fire is ignited explosively or a huge explosion takes place. Press, television and radio reports are based solely on sensationalism. They must be banned at all costs – freedom of the press or not. In any case, such sensational reports only promote violence and the whole crime as well as contempt for human beings and much more in the same framework. This is also the case with the alleged anti-war films and the endless repetitions of feature films as well as book presentations of factual reports on the cruel events of the Second World War. These films and books also produce the opposite of what is propagated. Instead of thinking and becoming peaceful through these films and books, etc.,

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