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Welcome back to another episode! This week’s episode is our First Friday Q&A for July. You ask the questions and we answer them. Big thanks to everyone who wrote in. If you want to get a question answered for next month’s FFQA, click the link below. Enjoy! Have a question? Click here to ask

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I am in a good and not so good predicament. I’ve spent the last 4 years working with a geophysical consulting company primarily for small independent E&P companies. When the owner of that company retired, I had to choose: go off on my own or join another company. I joined a company. And to be honest, it is a great job, great company to be working for. But the thoughts linger about the ‘what if’s’ of going on my own and the skills and technological capabilities I can lend to other E&P’s. I know what I am good at and what I can bring to the table, and I never stop trying to learn new things to add to the value of my work. So my question is, two parts I suppose: What suggestions do you have as I battle the security of a job that most people would jump for, with the urge to pursue my own venture and the uncertainties of being accepted by companies? To that end, I chose to take this job because I am young (28) and I was unsure about my ability to properly “sell myself” (proclaimed introvert for sure). Now while I still don’t feel good about it, I firmly believe in my competencies as a geophysicist and the value I can add to companies. Thanks guys, love the show, love the content, keep it up!

Hi, I’m a new listener to your podcast as I’m trying to get a job as an account servicer in an energy corporation. I apologize if this has been asked but I’m just starting to make my way through your archives. As a recent college grad in a non-STEM field, I was wondering what is the best way to learn about the field or the best way to supplement my resume to put me in a position to have a great application to get a job in the energy field? Thank you in advance!

In the June 17th, 2019 episode, one of you mentioned the atmospheric CO2 averages ~2000 and has reached as high as 7000, which today sitting around 400ppm. Can you please cite your source. I cannot find the same evidence.

I liked your podcast until recently, but you are now starting to move from fact based discussions into politics. Making the statement on your recent podcast that the CO2 PPM is high but only represents a 1/6 of a second of game of thrones is misleading. The current levels are the highest since 800,000 years. Yes maybe the CO2 levels were higher 4 billion years ago but there was no life on Earth. Do you subscribe to “I don’t care I will be dead” or should we at least report the facts and do something. Just in case there are consequences for our children.

Double blind placebo
Peer reviewed
Mathematical model does not assume the earth is flat
Mathematical does not assume all gasses in the atmosphere are evenly mixed
Data set has not been cheery picked. 300,000 years vs 130

Some questions for the QA podcast

  1. What is the risk of the current situation around Iran,
  2. Will the USA go into a full war with Iran or not,
  3. Why can the world not kick Iran and Saudi Arabia (don’t tell me that this is a nice country. How many times they hit a woman who was raped) get off the Saudi and Iran supply,
  4. Would it not be better to build a new pipeline from the Middle East towards Pakistan and India and use the oil industry to bring those 2 nuclear powers and rivals closer together,
  5. In Europe the push is towards renewables to get off oil and gas. (city offerings complete loans at 1,65 fixed interest paiable at the end of contract)

Don’t get me wrong on point 5. Solar panels are installed on roof in Eidnhoven and will also happen in Vanuatu. I’m pro renewables as I don’t trust the electricity grid (I use around the 3 euro in electricity and pay up to this around the 35 in taks). Next step: replacing all furniture with electricity efficient. I do not believe in global warming and I do in climate change. Since the sun erupted the climate changes and it will keep going on.

Just heard about your podcast yesterday. Enjoyed listening to it (and tech podcast) today – excellent programs!

I have a generational question (I’m 59). Busy oil ‘bros’ – I always thought ‘bros’ just referred to guys. does the word apply to girls also? (Urban dictionary wasn’t definitive. Don’t want to embarrass my self by asking the younger guys at my company. )

Keep up the good work!

Hello guys! Really big fans of the podcast and the way you break down complicated topics into a simple manner. 

I am fresh out of school starting in a subsea engineering role at a major oil and gas company this August. I do not have a lot of Oil and Gas background, as my focus in school has been mechanical engineering with my internships being in manufacturing and product design. I was wondering if you guys could reference me to any material that you would recommend I look over and study before I start working,

Question! I’m currently working in equity research and have an interview at Chevron next week for a trading analyst role. Having never had any direct experience in the oil markets, do you have any tips or advice on how to smash these interviews, other than practicing behavioural questions? Much love and keep up the great work!

Mark asked for comments on the pronunciations of PEMEX. It’s close to how he says it in the Mozambique Gas O&G This Week podcast, only with the stress on the PE instead of the MEX. So it should be PEH-mex, not peh-MEX. We do quite a bit of business with them so PEMEX is a household name here. Just to be doubly sure, I asked a Mexican friend who actually lives in Mexico and he confirmed PEH-mex.

Weekly Rig Count

As of 7/14/2019 – The American Rig count is 994 active rigs.

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