"The stickboy probably had 5 fights" Jason Strudwick


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I interview Jason Strudwick, Edmonton native and former Edmonton Oiler. Jason has a great hockey story full of unexpected twists and turns that ultimately lead to a relatively long and successful journeyman career in the NHL. He finished his career with his home town team in front of parents and friends and continues to give back to his community. His broadcast career had a similar story of unexpected outcomes which started as a weekend extra with a couple of radio hosts in Vancouver, colour commentary for a couple of Chicago games while he was an active player, and now he entertains Oilers fans as a sidekick to the well known Sports Broadcaster Jason Gregor.

If you listen all the way through, you'll get Jason's current perspective on the franchise. What started out as a positive interview about hockey and catching up after high school ends in the current state of the Oilers and the need for patience if we truly want to see this team succeed.

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