Episode 32 – Importance of School Libraries

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Importance of School Libraries Hosted by @cherity7

Overview of chat topic

Questions from the chat:

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Q1: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/30alj5l6oV

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

#oklaed A1) having the ability to make connections for those who cannot make them themselves. https://t.co/TBHI191ss1

— PhynyxRising (@PhynyxRising) September 18, 2017

A1: Utilization – if it isn't used, it is not effective! #oklaed https://t.co/EY99qunT9r

— Debra Thoreson (@djthoreson) September 18, 2017

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Q2: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/bc8nduhnGn

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A2: Teacher-Librarians provide a power punch to curriculum by integrating information and research skills into content curriculum #oklaed

— Stacy Ford (@StacyFord77) September 18, 2017

A2: it is important to learn alongside fellow educators and not be the "keeper of knowledge"#oklaed

— Kris Burd (@kburd74) September 18, 2017

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#oklaed #OKSLlife
Q3: pic.twitter.com/bHGzk48j9T

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A3 School libraries can be a sanctuary for S writers who need a quiet place, a little inspiration. #oklaed

— Invisible Voices ✒ (@InvYoungVoices) September 18, 2017

A3: P2 We have ongoing makerspaces activites aligned to curriculum, opportunites to extend research and research items of interest. #oklaed

— Stacy Ford (@StacyFord77) September 18, 2017

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Q4a: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/1QmckJimxG

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A4a: funding, being respected as an educator, funding, funding And funding. Same with all of us! #oklaed

— Kimberly Blodgett (@KimberBlodgett) September 18, 2017

A4a: Funding, Admin & #OKleg not understanding importance of certified librarian, districts cutting positions. #oklaed #OKSLlife

— Amanda Kordeliski (@Akordeliski) September 18, 2017

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Q4b: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/kxq4BICkfO

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A4b: By spreading the word and speaking LOUDLY that education is changing and we must teach our Ss according to these changes. #oklaed https://t.co/FXr27PtA84

— Krista Steiner (@ProfeSteiner) September 18, 2017

A4b-Use research to prove connection bw strong libraries & S achievement. Want high test scores? Fund libraries, #oklaed

— Claudia Swisher (@ClaudiaSwisher) September 18, 2017

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Q5: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/PqhhQ2qdBk

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A5: flexible scheduling, aids to help, students trained to self-check books, frees up our LMS for collaboration #Oklaed https://t.co/7Wh2LIPdKb

— Melissa Knabe (@OB1_Knabe) September 18, 2017

A5: Right now it is difficult because we have to close the library when we want to collaborate with our media specialist.#oklaed https://t.co/g2NBD4u8XT

— Daniel Covey (@losnerds) September 18, 2017

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Q6: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/NfA52w7sNd

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A6 Some librarians may need more PD to learn new tech resources students can use to find and curate resources. #oklaed

— Mrs. Waters 📚 (@watersenglish) September 18, 2017

A6 Research-based teaching methods; current digital trends #oklaed Upcoming AASL Standards @aasl

— Kelsey Gourd (@KelseyGourd) September 18, 2017

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Q7: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/yQkxP9zmLA

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A7:Honored that I get to work with a person who exhibits leadership and innovation in technology education. She's the best! @vperezy #oklaed

— Tonya Gaunt (@GauntTonya) September 18, 2017

A7: leadership in tech means integrating tech into lessons & not making tech a "one-off" lesson or novelty. #oklaed #OKSLlife

— Amanda Kordeliski (@Akordeliski) September 18, 2017

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Q8: #oklaed #OKSLlife #aaslstandards pic.twitter.com/fssvjEmAuh

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

#OklaEd A8: By organizing comparison charts, together with benefits of change; & then facilitating focus groups to discuss Q & A / concerns. https://t.co/JJhGqJ8tRY

— John Bennett (@jcbjr) September 18, 2017

A8) Make sure they have the resources to do it! #oklaed

— Katherine (@Katherine10611) September 18, 2017

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Q9: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/qCb0XFM7vJ

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A9 pt 2: I would also ❤️ to see partnerships w/ Library of Congress & Presidential Libraries #oklaed

— Sarah Nelson (@sarahmomof3boys) September 18, 2017

A9 tech we can't even imagine today! Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is. A sentiment I wish #okleg would adopt. #oklaed

— Kenneth Ward (@kennethdward) September 18, 2017

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Q10: #oklaed #OKSLlife pic.twitter.com/QEXIiy1YOc

— Cherity Pennington (@cherity7) September 18, 2017

A10 #oklaed It's like laundry. Always circulating and spinning. Seldom all put away – but so necessary.

— Janet Bass (@jbass2274) September 18, 2017

A10: work with your IT directors to help you design and transform your space. Make sure they have funding first! #oklaed

— Jun Kim (@MPSTechnology) September 18, 2017

Favorite question and why?

Erin: Question 4b – How can we overcome these obstacles?

Boomsauce tweet(s) of the night:


A1. The dear Madam Liberian! https://t.co/3cj3Wyq0bz #oklaed pic.twitter.com/sVlGGqUseJ

— Jun Kim (@MPSTechnology) September 18, 2017


Michelle Waters. Not a book, but an #oklaed S essay. It's a must-read: https://t.co/yUW6bpNntI

— Invisible Voices ✒ (@InvYoungVoices) September 18, 2017

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