Food Anthropology (FEASTS) with Katherine Spiers


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Loosen your belts and tuck a napkin under your chin because feasting season is here. Katherine Spiers -- journalist, food anthropologist and host of the wondrous culinary history podcast Smart Mouth -- lets Alie belly up for a buffet of questions about winter gatherings, Thanksgiving myths, stuffed peacocks, green bean casseroles, potato backstories, Friendsgivings, the hazards of deep frying, the eels of Jesus, some stuffing horrors and more.

Listen to Smart Mouth (perhaps the episodes with Alie "Lobster Roll" Ward & Steven Ray "Corndogs" Morris?)

Katherine Spiers's website, Twitter & Instagram. Her brand new podcast network is TableCakes.

Special thanks to poet and writer Kenzie Allen (@cerena on Twitter) for the insight & resources on Native perspectives of Thanksgiving.

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