Building workflows with the Durable Task Framework


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The Durable Task Framework allows developers to write long running persistent workflows in .NET code using familiar async/await capabilities.

In this episode, Affan Dar, Simon Porter join Jeremy to give us a better understanding of this framework, what it enables, and where is it being used within Microsoft.

  • [01:38] - What problem does the framework solve?
  • [06:20] - How does the provider model enable extensibility?
  • [08:26] - What does a typical workflow look like? (Demo)
  • [12:25] - Does the framework handle scale out scenarios?
  • [15:46] - How does the framework enable durable workflows?
  • [20:45] - Where's the best place to find documentation?
  • [21:47] - What other projects at Microsoft use this framework?
  • [24:09] - What are some good use cases?
  • [26:19] - What's on the roadmap for future optimizations?

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