#065 - Launch Lessons From My $58,000 Launch


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Here’s a real, honest look into what the launch of Project Storyline was *really* like. In this episode I share:

  • How I stayed focused on my goals throughout the launch
  • What I did to make sure I was able to connect with and communicate the needs of my clients to ensure a successful launch
  • The changes we made to our pre-launch content, Double Down On Your DMs, that made the biggest difference
  • How many people opted in for our free 5 Day Challenge
  • How I felt about 10% of our opt-ins unsubscribing
  • What we did that accounted for 40% of sales
  • How much money we spent on Facebook ads
  • What our actual PROFIT was from this launch
  • What I left to the very last minute & why I ain’t mad about it
  • How long it took me to finalize the sales page
  • What no one knew about our challenge videos
  • How we left 10% of potential money on the table
  • A marketing tip I hadn’t thought of before

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