#40 - How To Do Good Work, Be Yourself & Trust Your Gut with Sian Richardson


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Follow your heart. Sian did and it took her for a ride of a lifetime across the globe. A talented graphic designer and photographer hailing from New Zealand, Sian Richardson wasn’t content with the life of a 9-to-5 job. She needed happiness infused with success—so she decided to explore her options. Her search took her across the vast habitats of Australia and eventually to Canada, blogging her lifestyle and travels all the while freelancing.

Inspired by her work in Graphic Design and Photography, Sian started her business helping clients find their brand identity which eventually led to starting her very own online magazine called “The Unmistakable Effect”.

Discover Sian’s business successes and struggles; how she connects with her audience, her tips on staying true to herself and above all, exploring all her options every single day.

3 Key Points:

  1. Transitioning to be an entrepreneur can be a gradual shift.
  2. Being in tune with yourself and what you want can help you make life and business choices that are the best for you.
  3. Good marketing strategy isn't strategy at all. Create value-adding content and it will market itself.

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