On Reserve Podcast Episode 0: Animal Law


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This pilot episode focuses on animals and includes interviews with:

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The Alexander Campbell King Law Library recorded this inaugural podcast in the new school of law podcasting studio space! This podcast will serve as an extension of the longstanding library newsletter, Amicus Briefs. Law faculty member Christian Turner helped make the studio’s existence possible with a recent grant to renovate space in the library annex and fit it with audio and video recording equipment. Turner’s podcast with fellow faculty member Joseph Miller titled Oral Argument is also being recorded in the space. Each episode will tackle a different topic and will serve as a platform for the University of Georgia School of Law’s students, faculty, and staff to discuss the issues they are passionate about and the events happening in our community. Co-hosts Leslie Grove, our law school Web Developer, and Rachel Evans, Web Coordinator & Digital Media Specialist, will interview guests from all walks of life, allowing them to share their personal interests and professional expertise. Each episode will also contain recommendations for library resources related to the theme.

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