Episode 385: Soul Poppin'


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Not your average radio show. Not your average podcast. An hour spent doing something above average and experiencing something outstanding. On Target offers nothing short of a musical experience to remember with every episode. For music lovers, record collectors, nostalgics, audiophiles, anoraks, and more. Something for everyone and everything for someone. Join us, won't you?
The Playlist Is:
Ernie K-Doe
- Duke
Velvet Hammer
- Soozi
"Having A Party"
The Pointer Sisters
- Blue Thumb
"Greazee (Part I & II)"
Billy Preston
- Derby
"Lovin' Time"
Bertha Tillman
- Brent
"Let Me Turn You On"
Lou Courtney
- Buddah
"Beatle Time"
The Livers (Chicagoans)
- Constellation
"Smiling Phases"
The Midnight Rebels
- Mr.
"Bring It To Jerome"
Manfred Mann
- United Artists
"Broken Heart Attack"
The Sweet
- Smash
"I'll Never Forget You"
The O'Jays
- Imperial
"I'm So Thankful"
Chuck Overton
- Kapp
"Born To Be A Lover"
- King
"Baby, Try Me"
Bobby Bennett
- Phil-L.A. of Soul
"Just A Little Bit"
Roy Head
- Scepter
"Leaving Here"
Jimmy Hanna & The Dynamics
- Seafair Bolo
"I'll Keep On Holding On"
The Action
- Parlophone
"Nobody Like My Baby"
The Dennisons
- Decca
"Teach Me (The "Philly" Dog)"
The Manhattans
- Reo
"We're Not Old Enough"
Allen Collay
- Instant
"Packin' Up"
Chris Kenner
- Instant
"Soul Poppin'"
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals
- Brunswick

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