EP 04: Distribution Tools

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Joining me today is my good mate Alex Loft and in this episode, we discuss our experiences with distribution tools to date. (note: my ideas and opinions are constantly changing and probably already have again, do what’s best for you!)

Topics covered

· What is distribution and why is it important?

· Manual distribution techniques: what we’re currently doing

· Different tools on the market

· Alex’s distribution tool prototype (3D printed version)

· Why was the distribution tool invented?

· What the tools are trying to achieve

· How to use the tools (side note: spin fast)

Bonus content: 2 and a half minutes at the end of myself talking about my first experience using the San Remo Café Racer in café a setting!

Further Reading: (if you’re up for it)

Even espresso distribution 5 senses: https://www.fivesenses.com.au/blog/level-even-espresso-distribution/

BH how to distribute by tapping: https://baristahustle.com/blogs/barista-hustle/how-to-distribute-by-tapping

BH distribution for espresso: https://baristahustle.com/blogs/barista-hustle/distributing-for-espresso

Socratic Coffee examining the impact of OCD and OCD 2 on extraction TDS: http://socraticcoffee.com/2016/12/examining-the-impact-of-the-ocd-on-total-dissolved-solids-extraction/

How to correctly set the Pullman Chisel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHYMoFYFhgU

How to use the OCD tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaKLul0c-Uk

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