All The Stars Are Out Tonight LIVE with Bout Time


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It's a live podcast crossover red carpet event! Nathan and Lucas teamed up with Sean and Patrick from Bout Time to cover the 8th annual Kent Carney Awards. If you don't listen to Bout Time already, head over there and give a listen to the other half of this insane podcast mashup. They released the pre-show interviews, we have the post-show roundup.

Interviewees (in order of appearance):

John Smothers

Junkus from Big Howell and Possum

Craig Williams

Loren Cline

Chris Vititoe

Will Hardesty

Melissa Doran

Brian Kensington from Powerbottom the Podcast

Matt Gaither

Mandee McKelvey

Andy Fleming

Howell Dawdy

Jake Reber’s Mom

Greg Welsh

Kent Carney

Rob Montage

Chris Vititoe again

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