Learn about Separation Values and How to Take Advantage of them with "Lowest Score Wins"


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David Wedzik (former Korn Ferry Tour player) and Erik Barzeski, authors of the book "Lowest Score Wins", join our podcast to explain their approach of using "Separation Values" to guide practice and "Shot Zones" to help on-course decision-making. Both David and Erik are recognized and award-winning golf instructors and they elaborate on their idea of "Separation Values" and inform how you can direct your practice and preparation for the most return on the golf course.

They break down how you can effectively gain strokes Off the Tee, on Approach Shot, Around the Green and On the Green by understanding exactly which shots, and skills, have the biggest bearing on golf scores. They also delve into other practice and on-course elements which can also help you to lower your scores in a simple and easy to apply fashion.

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